Samples of my work



Dedicated Sales Associate offering 2 years of communication and creating quality shopping experiences through professionalism and extensive product knowledge. Proven history of exceeding sales targets and meeting customer needs with effective product solutions. Skilled in training and mentoring new associates on customer service and sales best practices. 


-Sales/Personal Selling

-Money Handling



Jameson, Andrea M

Sales Specialist/Public relations


Job Title •Sales specialist 

 Company •Victoria’s secret

 2017- current

-Building and maintaining effective relationships with peers and upper management to drive team success toward common sales, service and operational goals.

-Developing relationships with customers and presented promotions that increases shelf space, sales and profit.

-Building strong, loyal, and professional relationships through identification of client needs, which increases overall sales/opportunities. 

Job Title •Assistant manager

 Company •chick—fil-a


-Leadership skills necessary to fulfill job duties. 

-Organizational skills and relationships with employees while providing exceptional services to the consumer as a team. 

-In charge of overall closing/opening functions. Making sure operations run smoothly. 



 Date Earned •MAY  2017


-Dance Team 2015-2017

Degree •bachelor 

 Date Earned •still in progress. dec. 2021

 school- Murray state university 

PRSSA club – learning professionalism and ethic skills for the business world.

“Ad’s club” – using “Adobe” and Advertising/creative skills.

Volunteer Experience or Leadership

While volunteering, I have the ability to serve those who have been domestically violated and hurt by their significant other/spouse. By volunteering almost 2 days a week, I am able to give back what I take for granted through serving those who are less fortunate. I am able to put my communication skills through listening to personal stories and giving remorse.

career objective

A person in my major might seek a job as an agent for a PR manager. it would be helpful for this person to include some of the following items in their portfolio: A job title with examples of their work such as: Photographs, past social media websites, and blogs that have been published.

A SWOT analysis would make the person educated and understand the research part of being a manager.

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